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About ChaHooa ... A Place to Gather, Share, Discover & Be Yourself  .....


What we are not !  We are not your local paper ... We are not your local Chamber of Commerce or Business group,  We are not FaceBook


In a world full or Social Networks both general and niche in nature we felt a growing frustration trying to find something that was socially open, did not define or draw lines, something that wasn't pushed into a opinion or represented a thought just because it was popular.


ChaHooa is a social network for "Everyone Else". We will not bend to political or social pressure, we are here for "Everyone Else" to use and enjoy .... Discover things, meet people, share opinions, share yourself, be yourself .... Most importantly, Open your Eyes, listen, participate and share your voice


 ChaHooa is privately owed and operated, there are no investors, big businesses or politics behind what we do. With that in mind there is also no influence that drives how we operate on a day to day basis. What you see is what you get.


 ChaHooa is Veteran owned and Operated ... We are both Vets totaling almost 26 years of Active Duty Service between us. We unconditionally Love and Support our Brothers and Sisters who Serve ....


  The platform is here for you ... We encourage your participation, ideas and feed back