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How to Naturally Boost Libido Instead of Pills

MusicMan 14 October 31, 2019

Oct 31, 2019 10:53 AM EDT

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Libido is the jargon for sex drive. The natural sex drive varies from individual to individual. Having a low sex drive is not a medical or psychological problem. As mentioned, it varies with each person. However, if you wish to increase your libido, there are numerous pills in the market. The backside of this method is the long list of side-effects in using those pills from heart diseases to eye-related problems. To avoid this, it is best to naturally boost your libido.

Anxiety and other mental health treatment

Sex drive is deeply linked with your mental health. A stressed or anxious individual might not be able to have an active personal life. A high level of anxiety is the most common cause of lower sex drive in many. According to a general review conducted in 2017, young men have mentioned anxiety and depression as their causes of the problem. There could be numerous reasons for those mental health problems. Starting from taking therapies to having a hobby, there is a number of methods to deal with your mental health.

Improve your relationship

Your sexual desire is deeply connected with the intimacy of your relationship. You would need an intimate relationship to get the desire. It is common to have a lesser drive in relationships that last for a very long time. In such cases, it is best to increase intimacy and rekindle love. Plan date nights, spend quality time together, take a vacation and so on. If required, there are couples' therapists who can help you out in this process.

Goodnight sleep is very essential for energy and mood. In the same manner, good sleep can also lead to better libido. Just a night of disturbed sleep would not cause any tremendous effect on your libido. However, if you are having disturbed sleep for a long time, you might be suffering from insomnia. 

Insomnia is not just about lack of sleep. It can cause many related problems like weight change, depression, chronic fatigue, reduced concentration and so on. If you have insomnia, take natural solutions to solve the problem by reducing caffeine content, having a sleep cycle, keeping active throughout the day and so on. If depression, phobia, anxiety or other mental problem is the root cause for insomnia, talk to your therapist immediately.

Balanced diet

Do you know that libido is not just a mood-related effect? Hormones secreted by your body plays an important role in your sex-drive. Many food items can cause serious effects on hormone levels. The best way to improve libido is by reducing bad cholesterol for your diet. You need a diet, which is rich in vegetables, lean protein, and good fat. Reduce sugar and carbohydrates. Starving can reduce your libido tremendously. Dieting is not starving. You should eat the required amount of food to keep you full and at the same time, you should have a balanced diet.

Underlying medical conditions

Just like mental health, certain physical health can also cause loss of sex drive. Many diseases, which affect hormone levels can cause reduced libido. In such a situation, dealing with those hormone problems would automatically improve your libido. In certain cases, hormone replacement therapy or hormone treatments will be useful in the long run rather than pills. Talk to your doctor immediately instead of going for some online hormone pills or supplements.

Choose herbal remedies instead of supplements

There are numerous supplements, which are promoted to increase your libido. However, it is always best to go with herbal sources before you choose chemical-riddled supplements. No matter how expensive the supplement might be, there would be additive chemicals and preservatives, which can cause other problems. According to a study conducted in 2015, a few herbal products and spices are known to improve libido and are used since ancient civilization for this purpose. Top herbal items are ginseng, Tribulus, mac, gingko, and others.

Maintain a healthy weight

Lower sex drive is caused due to reduced body confidence, diabetes-related problems and so on. All these roots from not having a healthy weight. Being skinny thin is not recommended. You need to keep your weight within the recommended BMI limit. There are numerous hormone and lifestyle-related issues, which lead to abnormal weight. Have a regular exercise schedule, maintain a balanced diet and take proper medical care for any underlying problems to reduce weight. 

Smoking and drinking

Heavy smoking and drinking can alter energy levels and reduce sex drive. Moderate alcohol consumption will not affect your libido but, smoking can have a tremendous negative effect. Smoking is also linked with insomnia and other problems. Try reducing your cigarette and alcohol consumption. If required, join therapies or any other recreational programs to keep you away from these habits.

In certain cases, some medicines that you consume can reduce your libido considerably. It might be a side effect that is caused by those medicines. If you are consuming any life-saving medications, it is best to not avoid medicine. However, this low sex drive is temporary and you would regain it after stopping the medicine.

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